Benjamania 3/21

Matt and Joe host Benjamania! Check it out to see the three winners!

FindingBenjamin on

Tomorrow, March 19 (which happens to be Chris’s 20th birthday!), is FindingBenjamin Day on Run by Jason Sadler along with partner Evan White, lets you purchase a day where both guys will wear whatever shirt you give them and promote your product, website, or even your birthday! They promote their sponsors using the social medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ustream, and Flickr. has literally been all over the news, most recently on Fox Business on March 8th. Their advertising service is top quality and one of a kind, and we were very fortunate to get a spot on the iwearyourshirt calendar considering how fast it sells out. Be sure to check us out on their site on Friday the 19th!

***We did an interview with Jason awhile back in August. Check it out HERE.

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Finding Benjamin Crib Notes- Business Idea

It’s been awhile since the last crib note, but that doesn’t mean there has been a lack of excitement at the HOP. Joe and I are in the initial stages of creating a business plan for a new idea we want to launch before the snow melts. We plan to start a “do-it-all” service, including snow shoveling, yard work, junk removal, etc. Essentially anything you can think of that two college students would be capable of. The “do-it-all” service will also include a grocery delivery service that we expect will be popular among the elderly folks. We plan to document this journey with lots of video blog entries on Finding Benjamin, so stayed tuned. We need help with a business name! If you have any good ideas post a comment below.

Benjamania 2/28

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Limitless VC Contest

Aspiring entrepreneur? Looking for a way to gain some start-up funding and some valuable mentoring? Check out the Limitless VC contest. Unlike the many prestigious business plan competitions that while rewarding can be time consuming and require a lot of effort, this contest asks you to do nothing more than to submit a 2-minute pitch video to youtube – the funnier and more outrageous, the better!

This contest is tied in with an iPhone app called BizBreak, which is a boss-punching game aimed at helping you get some much-needed stress relief. All in the spirit of entrepreneurship, the winner of the Limitless VC contest will receive 50% of the profit made from the BizBreak app, which is already up to $3,000. In addition, the winner will receive mentoring from a few very successful entrepreneurs.

You have until April 16th to submit a video. The 8 most viewed videos along with 2 more wildcard videos will be selected as finalists, and there will be a 7-day public voting period to determine the winner. Get to it! Sounds like a great prize for a quick and fun video submission. Check out the promo video for all the other details.


Watch the video to see the winners! We will email the winners with further instruction. Come back to see when the next drawing is!